Bylaws Changes

Miami-Dade and the keys Intergroup met this month to discuss the following proposed changes to our bylaws.  Prior to our next meeting we would like to know if there are any other revisions to consider or if these changes are acceptable as indicated.  The changes are hand-written on the attached document and detailed as to what they are below. Once approved, they will be typed in and sent to our Regional trustee. Thank you so much for your assistance in reviewing and approving these bylaw changes. 

 MDIK Intergroup Bylaws with revisions    

   1).   On page 7, under Section 4, D – Treasurer

It states that two signatures shall be required on all checks. This practice has not been followed in recent memory. We would like to strike this sentence as it does not conform to actual practice.


         2).  On page 9, Article 7 – Finances, Section 1


              Change from $1,000 to $5,000 as the maximum allowable personal donation. This conforms to the current Regional and World Service policy.


          3). On page 9, Article 7, Section 2 – Under Prudent Reserve


A motion was passed to change the prudent reserve to “no less than 30% and no more than 50%”. The previous prudent reserve required  “no less than 40% and no more than 60% of the annual budget shall be maintained as a prudent reserve”.


         4). On the top of page 11, under “i”

We want to add and/or the website (along with the newsletter).


        5).  Continuing with Committees on Page 11:


Since the Young People’s Committee has been incorporated into the Unity with Diversity on the World and Regional levels, we would like to change the name of this Committee and add the  newer description.  A new Literature Committee has also been added.


         6). On page 14, under C – Marathons and Special Events

We would like to add “and/or the web.”


        7). On page 15, Section 3, Meetings

 Update the location of our Intergroup meetings from North Shore Hospital to Trinity Episcopal Cathedral.


        8). Under the Newsletter section on page 15

               Website references have been added.