Advice From A Sponsor

Here are some suggestions from an OA member in Miami:


Until I finally really got Step One in my heart and soul, I did not fully surrender to this program.

I have a few thoughts about this:

1). We will never be perfect
2). We will always be powerless over food.
3). Assuming that we can be “off” and go back “on” presupposes that we have regained power over our compulsion. We have not and we never will. But this concept cannot just be given lip service. It must be felt and acknowledged at the deepest level of the mind, heart and gut.
4). OA is not a diet club. If you are using it as one you will probably have the same results as any diet. Short term compliance followed by eating again and regaining weight.
5). You will not recover without a big commitment to OA and connection to your HP.
6). Either recovery is the most important thing in your life and is given top priority or your life will be unmanageable.
7). Putting your recovery first is the start of a positive, hope-filled life with ever-increasing health, optimism, integrity and serenity.
8). Think about how good you feel when you are abstinent and in recovery. How do you feel eating as you “please”? Aside from the few seconds of food gratification, how do you feel? I don’t know of anyone who feels better, has high self-esteem or isn’t depressed while eating compulsively.
9). Don’t wait to start. Tomorrow is an illusion which only your addiction wants you to believe. Recovery is right now. Joy is waiting…