Women’s Marathon Is June 22

Women’s OA Marathon And Clothing Exchange

“Tuned In Through The Slogans”

Saturday June 22  from 11:00 AM until 4:00 PM

Trinity Cathedral 464 NE 16th Street, Miami, FL

Come experience a wonderful day of inspiration as you listen to speakers share how these and other slogans have shaped their recovery!

Suggested Donation: $7.00

Bring your gently used clothing to Trinity Cathedral on the morning of the event. Contact: Cynthia (954) 826-8012 or Trish (954) 790-0534 for more Information

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You Are Not Alone

This too Shall Pass

Just For Today

Let Go And Let God

One Day at a Time

It’s My Thinking Not My Eating That’s the Prob- lem

The time to attend a meeting is when you least feel like going

Nothing Tastes As Good As Abstinence Feels

God—Good Or- derly Direction

Don’t Pick Up, No Matter What

Don’t Quit Before the Miracle Happens

Progress Not Perfection

Help is Only A Phone Call Away