Board Officer Elections – January 2013

Miami-Dade Intergroup – January 2013 Elections

{correction to the previous announcement}

Miami-Dade Intergroup holds Officer Elections every January. By the following month, Intergroup

Representatives must respond the World Service Questionnaire, which determines the Business

Conference Agenda—that is, what will be discussed and voted on at this year’s WSBC. We need your

voice! Please, come, run for office, see to it that your group is represented, and vote. In attending, you

become part of OA’s world group conscious.

The officers of Miami-Dade Intergroup are:

Chair—Presides over Intergroup and Board meetings, sets the agendas, appoints standing and

special committees, serves as World Service Delegate and Regional Representative, and other


Vice-Chair—Assumes responsibilities of Chair in case of absence or vacancy, Chairs

registration, assuring all local groups are registered and that registration information is updated

with the World Service Office, and other duties.

Treasurer—Pays Intergroup bills as authorized, mails contributions to Region 8 and World Service,

maintains MDIG’s books, prepares written reports of contributions and expenditures, reports on MDIG’s

financial standing, and other duties.

Secretary—keeps minutes and updated documents, duplicates copies of and emails minutes,

sends notices, maintains the roll, conducts MDIG’s correspondence and other duties.

Qualifications: To be eligible for office, a member should: 1) Have good judgment, experience,

stability, willingness, and a faithful adherence to the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of OA;

2) Have been a regular attendee and active member of a registered group for at least one year; 3)

Have served in Intergroup sometime during the year prior to election; 4) Have attended at least

four Intergroup meetings within the year prior to election; and 5) Submit a written consent to

serve form to the chair or recording secretary prior to the election.

To be eligible for Chair of Vice Chair a member should: 1) Be a service oriented person with a

broad perspective beyond the group level; and 2) Meet the current requirements of WSO and

Region 8 regarding abstinence and recovery.

To Vote—a member must be an Intergroup Representative or Committee Chair

To Be Heard—a member must be present or send a proxy.

To run for office, one must submit a consent to serve form.

For information, call Gary (305) 510-5150

Download Consent to Serve Form    Download Board Officer Qualifications